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Want Your Keyword Rankings To Look Like Below?
(actual rank screenshot from one of our client campaigns)

To succeed online you need to succeed with the search engines, over 70% of all traffic comes from search engines so ignore it at your own peril!

Traffic doesn't exist in a vacuum, it all comes from other websites, people don't guess your website name in the URL bar, so to get the most traffic you have to focus on getting traffic from the most popular websites on the Internet, with Google being #1, if you're not focusing on getting the most amount of search engine traffic as possible, you're leaving a lot of money on the table that your competitors will happily take from you.

Everyone knows that search engine traffic is unlike no other, it's not only free and targeted but it's traffic with Intent meaning they're looking for your product/service! You're not shoving an ad in peoples face's saying "buy me please", instead they're coming to you, this makes a huge difference in your conversion rates and it's why so many of us obsess over high rankings.

Research has shown that over 82% of online buyers that bought something online used a search engine within an hour before making the purchase!

So how do you rank highly in the search engines?

There's only so much on-site SEO you can do, ranking highly is 90% backlinking as search engines relies heavily on backlinks to determine a sites ranking.

That's where we come in....enter your details in the form above for a free SEO audit on your website, we'll reply back with specific changes to make to your website to improve your visibility in Google, alternatively click on the LiveChat window to the right and begin talking a SEO specialist  and don't forget to read our internet marketing SEO blog.